Who is Ken Knabe? What is a “Bicycle Attorney”?

I’ve been a Trial Lawyer for 39 years, and I have enjoyed riding bikes since I was a kid. Today, cycling is a major part of my life. I enjoy reaping the physical and psychological benefits, and enjoy the challenge and camaraderie the open road brings. I’ve ridden many centuries, have cycled for a cure for cancer with Velosano, and have traversed the 326-mile Ohio to Erie Trail (OTET). I’m on my road bike several times a week in decent weather, and in the winter I ride indoors on my trainer. I have a three-bike quiver: a road bike, a gravel bike, and my trusty commuter. My bike collection includes a Specialized Diverge (gravel), a Specialized Roubaix (road), and a single-speed Raleigh (commuter).

I’ve been knocked off my bike and injured by a verbally aggressive hit-and-run motorist. I know how it feels to be left on the pavement, half-clipped-in with absolutely no concern on the motorist’s part as to whether I was okay. I have many clients who’ve been hit and seriously injured, and I’ve lost a friend to a fatal bike crash. I can empathize with someone who has been hit, and I take these kinds of cases personally. 

As a result, Bike Law is now the primary focus of my personal injury law practice, and I help riders obtain the justice they deserve when things go wrong. Legal services can be like medical services at times. If you have a specific medical condition you don’t only see a general practitioner—you make an appointment with a specialist. When it comes to bikes and the law, that’s me. I’ve attended countless depositions and have had numerous bike injury cases in which the defense attorney lacked even the most basic knowledge of cycling and the various (and sometimes expensive) components that make up a bike; nor did they understand a riders array of personal equipment; or how cyclists ride in single/double pace lines, how they draft, how GPS equipment may shed additional light on a case, and so much more. The insurance companies are professionals, and if insurance is involved, you can bet they have attorney’s working to deny your claim. Don’t face them alone, hire a professional of your own!

Ken receiving Bike Cleveland’s “Guardian of Transportation” award for outstanding support of bicycle advocacy

Beyond Injury Representation

I am more than a litigator and attorney. Protecting cyclists is a calling I take seriously well beyond my nearly four decades of law practice. I sponsor and support riders and groups of all kinds in as many ways as I can, including:

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