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Our comprehensive liability analysis is tailored to bike crashes, and Ken is skilled at identifying instances where the police or the insurance companies get it wrong. Insurance companies have teams of lawyers employed specifically to reduce or deny your claim. It’s only prudent that you hire your own pro.

Ken logs thousands of miles a year on his bikes and he is an expert in applying the intricacies of the law to his extensive real-world experience. Our firm’s liability analysis is specifically tailored to people on two wheels, and we know what happens when cyclists tangle with cars.

The crash is almost always serious, unlike between two cars, and the personal injuries are almost always severe. Bike crashes have a tendency to produce uncommon injuries, and we know what to look for in pursuit of the maximum recovery for our clients on their claims. We ensure our clients get the personalized attention they deserve and the medical treatment they need during recovery. We do all we can to make sure you recover what you are owed if you are hurt on your bike by an unsafe driver.

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bike crash property claims

We also know how important your bike is to you and have an uncommon appreciation for its value.

We accurately help assess property claims to ensure the fullest property damage recovery possible. We take zero fee on the property settlement of a case because as riders, we want to see you on the best possible replacement!

Don’t rely on a biased analysis from an insurance company

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How can Knabe Law Firm help you out?

Every year the insurance industry collectively spends about $6 Billion (with a B) on advertising, all aimed at convincing you they have your back if something bad happens. These same companies generally net between $30 Billion and $40 Billion a year. How? Simple. Over the last 20 years insurance companies have reduced awards to their insured by roughly two-thirds. They do this using a team of lawyers and technology inputs tasked with protecting the insurance companies’ interests. Shouldn’t you do the same?

We help you from the ground up in a bike crash by expertly and quickly establishing and addressing liability ("fault") issues, monitoring and ensuring you get the proper medical treatment, and standing between you and the insurance companies that are often trying to talk you into an unwise premature settlement in their favor. We also manage your bike damage and accessory claims, negotiate with your health insurance and medical payments liens and paybacks, and do all we can to see to it that you are fully compensated for your injuries and loss so you can move on with your life.

What sets us apart?

Ken practices law in this area very deliberately. Like you he's a rider who faces the same risks, endures the same road rage, but also understands the same joy being outside on two wheels brings. There simply isn’t another law firm around like us specializing in bike and pedestrian cases. While Knabe Law Firm can certainly handle all aspects of any personal injury litigation, whatever the cause, we are the only law firm in Northeast Ohio specifically geared to serving cyclist and pedestrian clients.

We understand the intricacies of the law as applied to bicycles, and we have an uncommon appreciation for the culture and realities cyclists face. This area of law is a calling.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. We offer a no obligation contingent fee structure that ensures you will not pay for our services unless you recover on your claim. You will not walk into an intimidating environment or face any kind of pressure when you meet with us. We’re here simply to listen, tell you what we think, and help you going forward.

Wrongful death

Tragically, we are all too familiar with crashes that result in fatality. We have represented many families in their Survival Action and Wrongful Death Claims when a loved one has been killed by an unsafe driver or condition.

We provide thoughtful, caring advice that shields survivors from unnecessary legal stress and anxiety in an already difficult time. We fight to achieve the full and fair compensation families deserve so at the least they can move forward with financial peace of mind.

What’s the difference between a Survival Action and Wrongful Death?

Wrongful Death and Survival Actions are two similar and often related causes of action that arise when a loved one is tragically killed because of the negligence of a driver or condition. A wrongful death is a statutory claim to compensate families (next of kin) of the deceased with damages for losses such as funeral and burial expenses, financial support, mental anguish, loss of consortium, loss of society (companionship), care, assistance, protection, advice, guidance, counsel, instruction, training and education. Loss of inheritance, and loss of household services and labor shared by the deceased, including raising children are also recoverable damages in these cases.

What is recoverable in these types of claims?

In a survival action, damages are recovered for medical expenses and conscious pain and suffering endured by the decedent up until the time of death. Those proceeds are distributed through probate. Knabe Law Firm has years of experience navigating the intricacies of this process so families of lost loved ones can focus on taking care of themselves and each other.

Do I need an attorney to pursue a Wrongful Death claim?

These are very serious and complicated claims with profound consequences for the surviving spouse, children and other next of kin. Spouses and minor children will need the financial support and compensation for their devastating loss. The action must be started in Probate Court with the correct paperwork, including the appointment of the Estate’s personal representative. Probate Court must also approve the settlement. The crash must be thoroughly investigated, and liability must be established to pursue a successful claim. Complicated insurance issues exist on the liability end, as well as the amount of other insurance available for each beneficiary under any additional insurance policies. Once a Wrongful Death Claim is settled, the matter is concluded. You only get one bite at the apple, and you must have a prepared, knowledgeable, and experienced injury and wrongful death attorney who can rigorously evaluate, and if necessary, try the case.

We’re here to help you navigate this difficult time and secure the best outcome for your family’s future, and we consider this some of the most important work we do.