When can I ride my bicycle on the sidewalk and what laws apply?


Although Ohio law permits cyclists to ride on the sidewalks, many municipal codes limit that right. For example, Cleveland prohibits riding on the sidewalk in a business district. (Cleveland Ordinance § 473.09). A ‘business district” is defined in Cleveland Ordinance § 401.07

Ohio prohibits local authorities from requiring cyclists to only ride on the sidewalk. Cyclists have a right to ride on the road unless it’s a Freeway. (Ohio Revised Code Section §4511.711 ). See also:

  • 4511.07(A)(8) … no such (local) regulation shall be fundamentally inconsistent with the uniform rules of the road prescribed by this chapter (Ohio Revised Code)
  • 4511.07(A)(8) … no such (local) regulation shall prohibit the use of bicycles on any public street or highway [except freeways]

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