How can I protect myself with insurance in case of a bike accident caused by a careless driver?

Every cyclist who owns a car and has auto liability insurance, or is insured under an auto liability policy as a household/family member, should always insist on having uninsured motorist coverage (‘U’ Coverage). This covers you if you are hit on your bike by a careless driver who is uninsured or underinsured. Your U coverage should be at least $100,000.00. You have to ask your insurance agent or company specifically for U coverage, as there is no longer any requirement to automatically offer this coverage. If you have umbrella coverage which is a smart thing if you can afford it, ALWAYS include U coverage in the Umbrella! This mistake could cost an injured person hundred’s of thousands of dollars of badly needed compensation.

If a cyclist is hit by a careless hit-and-run driver, U coverage will also apply if you have independent corroborative evidence, besides your word, that it happened. A witness would satisfy this evidence or it could be cumulative such as the police officer’s observations, bike damage with paint transfer, your statements made immediately following the crash, and medical records. A cyclist who is the unfortunate victim of one of the many hit-and-run accidents in the Cleveland area should always call the police and secure a witness name and contact info, if possible.

Many cyclists ride with video cameras to document driver error and road rage.


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