Bicyclist or cyclist ticketed for a traffic offense cannot have points assessed on bike rider’s Driver’s License. Ohio Statute: Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C.) §4511.52.

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Under Ohio Law, a bicycle is defined as a vehicle: a cyclist must obey all traffic rules applicable to vehicles. Ohio Rev. Code Ann. (ORC) §§4501.01(A) & 4511.01(A).  For example, a cyclist must stop at red lights and stop signs (ORC §4511.43); yield to pedestrians on a sidewalk (ORC §4511.441; and ride in the direction of road traffic (ORC §4511.25). By the way, cyclists that follow traffic laws are in 75-80% fewer accidents

Here is the important often overlooked part. Many police and municipal or mayor’s courts still to this day wrongly fail to recognize that no points can be assessed on the driver’s license of a cyclist who commits a traffic offense, other than riding under the influence. O.R.C. §4511.52.  All cyclists should not waive a court appearance on a bicycle traffic citation to insure the cyclist is not wrongfully assessed points for a traffic violation.