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I was in a car accident. The insurance company for the at fault driver only offered $2,500.00. Kenneth Knabe took my case to a jury trial. After a 4-day trial, the jury awarded me $75,000.00, 30 times more than the driver's insurance company offered. He fights for his clients. He never backs down from the insurance company. He obtains justice for his clients. I would highly recommend him.

- Kaylee Pritchett, 2017 TRIAL

I was hit by a careless driver on my bike and suffered significant injuries. Bike Cleveland recommended Attorney Ken Knabe. He met me at the bike shop and helped me to get all my property damage paid for. He then followed my medical treatment and recovered the policy limits of the unsafe driver. I highly recommend him for anyone injured in a bike accident.

- Andrew Bielski, June 18, 2018

I was a passenger involved in a car crash on May 1, 2018. I hired Attorney Ken Knabe to represent me based on my parents' recommendation. He guided me through the whole process, took me to a professional photographer and obtained expert reports, all of which helped me to recover multiple policy limits. In the end, he was very fair regarding his fee so that I could recover more than I ever expected. I highly recommend him for his knowledge, professionalism and ability for anyone injured by a careless driver.

- Gabrielle Berry, December 12, 2019

I was in a bicycle accident caused by a driver who had no insurance. At the recommendation of several cyclists, I hired a fellow cyclist and bicycle accident Attorney Kenneth Knabe as my lawyer. He made some great recommendations. Through his help, I was able to maximize a settlement from my own uninsured motorist coverage. I would highly recommend him to any cyclist in a bike accident.

- Brian Kraska, February 3, 2017

I was in a car accident and hired Ken Knabe who was referred to me by a close friend who had also hired Ken for a major accident. Ken guided me through the process every step of the way and made decisions that helped me receive maximum recovery. I highly recommend him!

- Brett McIntyre, August 14, 2018

I was riding my bike and was hit by a car. My bike club, Cleveland Touring Club, recommended bike attorney Ken Knabe. Ken came to the hospital and followed up with me with home visits until he was able to successfully resolve my matter for policy limits. He visited with me often at my residence. He followed up and had professional photographs taken of my injuries. He was thorough, extremely competent and was able to secure a great resolution for me. I highly recommend him.

- David Dugan, February 2020

I was riding my bike and was hit from behind by a driver who was texting! I hired bike attorney, Ken Knabe, who came highly recommended. He came to my house and photographed and videoed my bicycle damage and injuries which proved very valuable when it came time to settle. He sent me to a professional photographer to clearly identify my wounds and the resultant scarring. He kept in contact with me; and he and his team put together a great settlement package which helped resolve my claims without a lawsuit. I was very happy with the settlement and his aggressive approach to unsafe drivers who are texting and injuring us cyclists. I highly recommend him.

- Jessica Mester, April 28, 2020

Several members of my Ironman training group referred me to cyclist attorney, Kenneth J. Knabe after I was hit by a car while riding my bike at the Metroparks. I hired Mr. Knabe. He immediately helped me recover full value for my bicycle and accessories and took no fee on the property damage. He then patiently guided me through my medical treatment process, took photos of my injuries, documented my damages and obtained reports from my doctor. I was very satisfied with the settlement I received. I highly recommend him for anyone in a bike accident. He really knows bike and injury law as an attorney and fellow cyclist.

- Mark D. Stopa – Finance Controller, September 18, 2017

I was hit from behind by another vehicle on I-90 in a major crash. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance and suffered serious injuries. I retained Attorney Kenneth Knabe based upon family recommendations. He thoroughly handled my serious injury claim. He filed a lawsuit when the offers were insufficient. He thoroughly prepared me for my deposition. He then thoroughly questioned the other driver who admitted he was completely at fault. He then successfully resolved my matter in a long Mediation. I was very pleased by the outcome and his work ethic. I highly recommend him for anyone injured in a serious car crash.

- D. Droba, Cleveland, Ohio – January 30, 2020

I hired bike attorney Ken Knabe after I was hit by a car while on my bike in Lakewood, Ohio. Mr. Knabe diligently handled my case from start to finish, and I received a very satisfactory settlement. He fought hard for me, and I highly recommend him.

- Sonia Davis, December 13, 2018

I was actually in a second bicycle accident when I was hit by a driver turning right while I was proceeding straight with the right of way. The witness that helped me actually knew Ken as Cleveland’s bicycle accident Lawyer! Of course, I knew him too since he successfully handled my previous bike accident. Mr. Knabe worked up my case by taking numerous photos and videos. He secured my property damage right away.

- Daniel Boden, April 19, 2017

I found bicycle attorney Knabe on the internet. I met him at his Lakewood office. Lawyers from a big firm had rejected my case. Mr. Knabe took my case, took photos of the scene and was able to research and establish liability for blocking a bike lane downtown, suddenly opening a door and causing my accident. He knew the law and he actually made them pay with a settlement that was extremely satisfactory. I would highly recommend him for any cyclist who had the misfortune of being hit or injured by a careless driver. You are not a number at his firm. He is hands on and takes it personal when you are hit.

- Andrew Green, July 6, 2016

I hired Ken Knabe to represent me when I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle. We met several times. He was very thorough and up to date with all my Doctors. I received an excellent settlement. Even my Doctor was impressed by his preparation and knowledge of my injuries. Ken is honest, aggressive and a very good lawyer. I would highly recommend him.

- Jackie Palmer, RN

I have been working with Ken Knabe for the last year and a half as I pursued a settlement with an insurance company after my bicycle accident. I was hit by a car while riding my bike and thankfully my helmet saved my life. In trying to negotiate a quick settlement with the insurance company, they offered $500 compensation for my custom LeSartre road bike, laughable. When I asked Bike Cleveland representatives who they recommended, Ken was the first name out of their mouth.

From my first interaction with him, I knew he understood my pain and fear associated with my accident. As a fellow cyclist, he empathized with the loss of a great bike and all related trauma in returning to the road. He worked diligently to get the offenders insurance company to pay what was due and helped to get a great resolution to my claim. Thanks to him I have a new bike and have been fully compensated for the ordeal.

Now, when anyone asks for a Lawyer, his name will be first out of my mouth too.

- Robert Wachala, Parma, 2018

After I was involved in a bicycle/vehicle accident, I was referred to Ken Knabe by a friend. This case involved both property and bodily damage. Ken handled my accident and the settlement with tact and prowess. Not only is he well-versed with cases involving bicycle riders, he was willing to patiently explain the details of the case as it progressed. Ken kept me up to date on all pertinent details of the case and was always available to talk if I had any questions. I felt comfortable with Ken’s representation knowing that I would get a just result from the settlement. Ken made sure the full value of my bike and riding gear were reimbursed. Ken doggedly pursued all insurance companies involved for the best deal for me. During this entire period, I always felt that Ken was working fully in my best interest and would not stop until he felt I received full reparations. Towards the end of the settlement when I was tired and just wanted the case to be done, Ken kicked it into overdrive. He scheduled appointments with professionals that convincingly proved my case and ended the settlement in quick order. Ken Knabe is a genuine person, a strong, fierce lawyer, and an avid enthusiast in the biking community. I would not hesitate to recommend him in a similar case. UPDATE: I recently received a letter from my insurance company regarding a subrogation lien. Ken offered to take care of this matter for me. He accomplished this matter in a timely fashion while reducing the amount I owed. I am very thankful for his competent handling of this case.

- Aaron Howkins, February 15, 2020

I hired attorney Ken Knabe after my bike crash. From day one, he was on my legal case talking to witnesses and hiring an investigator. He also helped me get a full settlement for my property damage at no charge. He then monitored my treatment and made sure everything was in order so that I was able to obtain the policy limits from the motorist that hit me. Mr. Knabe was very knowledgeable about bike law and how to obtain justice for me. He was fair, reasonable, and honorable through the whole proceeding.

I highly recommend him for anyone in a bike crash.

- Bridget, March 26, 2021

I was in a bad car crash. The other driver denied responsibility for causing it. My dad suggested I hire Attorney Kenneth Knabe who had represented him in the past in a personal injury claim which turned out well. Mr. Knabe immediately filed a lawsuit, took depositions and established that the other driver was at fault, despite her insurance company's previous denial. Mr. Knabe is a lawyer that will actually take your case to court and win. I was very happy with his services and would highly recommend him for anyone in a car accident.

- Kathryn Ehrbar: Project Manager, January 5, 2017

I was in a car accident when a driver pulled out of a driveway and hit my car. The insurance company for the at-fault driver refused to pay my claim and argued this was a “minor impact” and that my injury was somehow pre-existing. Mr. Knabe fought for me through the entire legal process. He filed a Lawsuit and took depositions. He took the time to fully prepare me for my deposition. He achieved a very favorable settlement for me on the eve of trial. Mr. Knabe has great communication skills; he kept me informed and relaxed during this unfamiliar and stressful legal process. He never backed down from the insurance company and gave me great advice. He was caring and compassionate. I highly recommend Attorney Knabe for anyone injured in an accident.

- Karen Wade, February 20, 2017

Ken Knabe is an undisputed authority regarding cycling law and accident litigation. Top notch!

- Stephen Tompkins, April 27, 2021

I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle in Cleveland Heights. Bike Cleveland recommended Attorney Ken Knabe, who I hired. Ken helped get my bike damages covered and charged no fee. He then successfully resolved my personal injury claim and achieved a better than expected settlement. Ken cares about cyclists and knows how to help them when they are injured by careless drivers. I highly recommend him for anyone in a bicycle crash.

- Ernest W. Durbin III, November 25, 2019

While cycling home from work in June 2018, I was hit by an SUV and suffered serious injuries. It was a hit and skip, with an uninsured driver. I found Ken through Bike Cleveland. Ken took charge of the legal and insurance claims and demystified the jargon for me so that I could focus on my physical recovery. He was responsive, courteous, professional, and he really knows the rights of cyclists. He made my case a priority and had me feeling like I was his only client. I was very satisfied with the claim and have completely recovered from my injuries. I’m happy to say that I’m back in the saddle. Thanks Ken.

- Amy Whitehead, 2019

I hired Lakewood Attorney Ken Knabe after being involved in an automobile crash. A former client highly recommended him to me because he took her matter to trial and won big. Also, a friend of mine, who is a long time local county judge, highly recommended his services and confirmed his stellar reputation. I was very happy with his services. He wrote a comprehensive letter on my behalf which resulted in a favorable settlement. He contacted my medical providers and obtained pertinent reports which helped my claim against the at-fault insurance company. He was thorough and diligent. I highly recommend him for anyone in an auto crash.

- Joanne Green, Southwest Airlines Pilot – May 24, 2018

Attorney Kenneth J Knabe represented me in an injury case as a result of an auto accident which occurred in Madison Wisconsin. I relocated back to the Cleveland area six months after the accident and contacted Attorney Kenneth J Knabe after returning. He was very thorough, very pleasant and diligent. His experience shined through and gave us great confidence in proceeding as he directed. The outcome was quite satisfactory. I highly recommended him. He proved to me that he has the experience, skill and knowledge to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

- Kathy Reese

A car hit me while I was commuting to work on my bike in Cleveland Heights. The at-fault driver’s insurance company offered to settle right away. Before meeting with the insurance company, I called Bike Cleveland who recommended that I talk to Kenneth Knabe, Greater Cleveland’s Bicycle Accident Attorney. I called Kenneth. His advice was to cancel the meeting because it was much too early to assess the real extent of my injuries. I cancelled the meeting and hired Ken.

Turns out Ken was completely right - I had a far more serious injury than what I originally had realized. Mr. Knabe ended up settling my case for around 30 times more than what the insurance company was offering me (and what I would have accepted if not for Mr. Knabe’s advice).

If you are injured in a bike accident, do not try to handle it yourself. Go to a pro who knows bike and injury law. I highly recommend Attorney Kenneth Knabe for anyone injured in a bike accident!

- Kennan Preston, February 24, 2017

I was riding my bike when a car turned left and hit me. I hired Greater Cleveland bike attorney, Ken Knabe. He established fault on the driver after sending an investigator to get a statement from the eyewitness. He took photos of my initial injuries and brace, monitored my injuries and then had professional photos taken of my scarring. He shot down every defense the insurance company used to try to minimize my claim. He came to my home on several occasions when I was unable to get to his office. He advised me along the way and kept me in communication until this matter was successfully resolved. Ken obviously is a rider himself, and he really knew the ins and outs of cycling, the law and how best to help me. I highly recommend him for anyone hurt in a bike crash.

- Matthew Golightley, May 18, 2020

I was hit by a drunk driver while riding my bike. I was injured and was telling my story to an attorney who was also a cyclist. He readily recommended bike attorney Ken Knabe to handle my bike injury claim since Ken specializes in helping cyclists in bike crashes. Ken guided me through the maze of medical bills, health insurance, medical payments coverage, insurance issues and documenting my injuries. I received a policy limits offer from the driver's insurance and an additional portion of my own underinsured motorist coverage. I was very happy with his expertise and advise. I highly recommend him.

- Catherine Radic, April 21, 2020

I was hit in my car by a snow plow backing up in a parking lot. I hired Attorney Kenneth Knabe who came highly recommended by a good friend of mine. From day one, Ken guided my husband and I through my claim. We rejected the final offer and filed a lawsuit. We finally settled for twice as much at a day long mediation. Throughout this process, we met with Ken on numerous occasions. He was patient and always pointed us in the right direction making this stressful process much easier to handle. He took an aggressive approach to establishing fault which paid big dividends for us. He always believed in my case and fought very hard for me and my family. He is an excellent Attorney who really cares and fights for his clients. I would highly recommend him for anyone unfortunate enough to be in a car accident.

- Rosalie Garlock, April 21, 2017

I was riding my bike and was hit by a car. I hired bike attorney Kenneth Knabe to represent me. He immediately came out to my house since I was unable to even walk after the crash. He made a claim under my own insurance policy since the other party did not have any insurance. He was able to obtain a policy limits recovery, and he negotiated my health care lien and even reduced his fee so I could obtain extra compensation under the circumstances. He was very fair, very competent and very communicative. I highly recommend him and his team.

- Darla Moyer, May 1, 2020

Several years back, I was involved in a head-on collision that necessitated my being off work for close to four months. As the other driver did not have insurance, I was advised to seek counsel and contacted Ken Knabe. This was one of the best decisions I can sincerely say I’ve ever made. His representation and follow through with my case was concise, thorough and expeditious. His expertise and knowledge base enabled me to capture the uninsured/underinsured portion of my driver’s insurance that I otherwise would not have understood how to acquire. Not only did I secure a positive outcome, but I learned a process from Mr. Knabe that everyone should be aware of. I most assuredly recommend Ken Knabe as a legal counsel not only for his knowledge base, but for his honesty and genuineness.

- Ken Loeding

A car hit me while I was riding my bicycle in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Friends recommended Attorney Ken Knabe, who I hired. The driver denied responsibility, and his insurance company offered nothing initially. Mr. Knabe prepared legal action on my behalf, which included his hiring an accident reconstruction expert who prepared a scale diagram of the scene. This refuted the driver’s version of the crash and supported mine. I attended the driver’s deposition, and Mr. Knabe’s well prepared and thoughtful questions elicited answers that clearly supported my version of the crash. The at-fault driver’s insurance company settled at a mediation meeting with their offer going from zero to multiple six figures! The crash was a difficult experience for me, and Ken’s compassion, dedication, and expertise resulted in the best possible outcome. He is an avid cyclist himself who cares about and knows how to protect cyclists by properly and thoroughly handling a bike injury claim. I very highly recommend him to any cyclist involved in a serious crash caused by an unsafe driver.

- Lon Herman, Cleveland Heights, December 2018

Mr. Knabe changed my preconceived notions of attorneys. Easy to speak to, caring, determined and patient. He's always made me feel like he's genuinely on my side. I am grateful for his advisement and how he allowed me to consider all options before making decisions. He kept me involved through the process was prompt in returning calls and answering all questions.

- Denise Thompson, 2016

We without reservation recommend our attorney Kenneth Knabe to all, and especially to anyone involved in a bicycling case. I was seriously injured in a vehicle-bicycle crash involving many riders, some of whom were killed. The fact that Ken was a bicyclist himself, and his knowledge and experience with bicycling accident cases and law made me much more confident and assured while we navigated the complexities of the cases. Ken made the best of preparation, actually riding the route the cyclists took. He helped to clarify all that happened in the civil litigation, communicated as much as we needed, and helped prepare us thoroughly for the deposition. All in all, you could see the caring he exhibited, being a fellow cyclist. We are very grateful, and highly recommend Ken Knabe.

- William and Claudia Kotich (2017)

I was hit from behind while riding my bicycle by a hit and run driver. I contacted bicycle accident Attorney Kenneth Knabe as he was highly recommended by Bike Cleveland. Mr. Knabe is an avid cyclist himself. He gathered all my physical bike, helmet, shorts, jersey, shoes and related gear damage evidence, photographed it and obtained estimates which resulted in full payment for all my extensive property loss. He did this as a favor and charged no fee on the property damage. He then made a personal injury claim under my auto's uninsured motorist coverage which resulted in a very favorable settlement. He kept in contact throughout all of my medical treatment. We interacted on numerous occasions as he stayed on top of my case until the very end. He is well known and respected in the cyclist and legal community. I highly recommend him for his knowledge and expertise in bicycle accident cases! Truly Exceptional.

- Ann Marie Raffis: Nurse Practitioner, September 6, 2016

I was involved in a serious car crash and hired Attorney Ken Knabe. He consistently and aggressively pursued my case until I was able to achieve a favorable settlement. I was very happy with his services and his honesty. I would highly recommend him for anyone involved in a serious car crash.

- Andrea Pohlod, February 23, 2018

“I am an avid cyclist who has recommended Ken to several friends and all have had rave reviews, very detail orientated, great results and he really cares about cyclists!”

- Dave Walkowiak: President, Provenzale Construction Co. Inc., 2016

I was in a serious car crash. My sister works in the legal field and highly recommended Attorney Kenneth Knabe. Ken got right on top of things and guided me all the way through to a very satisfactory settlement. He was honest, thorough and kept in excellent communication with me throughout the entire proceeding. Thanks again for taking care of this matter for me.

I highly recommend Ken for anyone in a serious car crash.

- Judith Edinger-Brunswick OH – April 27, 2018

I was driving a work vehicle when another driver crashed into the back of the vehicle. I hired Attorney Ken Knabe to represent me. He communicated with me throughout the entire process, monitored my medical care, made helpful recommendations, gathered medical reports and always called me back and updated me. He got me a great settlement for me at a time when I needed it the most. I highly recommend Ken.

- Neil Simpson, June 10, 2020

I hired fellow cyclist, Attorney Ken Knabe, after I was hit on my bike by a hit and run driver in Euclid. I know Ken personally from the bike community. I have heard him speak on bike law. I know that he has a very good reputation helping cyclists in bike crashes.

He did not disappoint! He made a claim under my auto policy for uninsured motorist coverage! Ken helped me receive a very good settlement due to his guidance and efforts. He made the process understandable and was always available. Ken really knows his bike and injury law, and I highly recommend him for any cyclist who is in a car crash.

- Derek Wilford, November 13, 2020

I was riding my bicycle in Strongsville, Ohio when I turned left, a car went to pass me and hit me. A witness at the scene recommended Greater Cleveland's bike Attorney Kenneth Knabe. I hired Ken. He immediately made a claim against the driver's liability insurance company and helped me recover for my bike and accessory damage. He knew all the applicable bike and traffic laws. When the insurance company failed to pay a fair settlement for my injuries, he filed a lawsuit on my behalf. He sorted out my car and health insurance, and I was able to receive a fair and equitable settlement for my injuries from the at-fault party's insurance carrier. Mr. Knabe really knows his bike law and was in my corner from day one! I highly recommended him.

- Lieutenant Joseph Hedinger (Berea Police Department), June 6, 2019

I truly appreciate the fair and honest representation provided by Mr. Knabe. After my injury, I could barely function, much less deal with the frustrations from insurance companies and medical bills. Mr. Knabe handled every detail and kept me informed throughout the entire process. Through his hard work and dedication, I received an excellent settlement.

- Hilary Prisbylla

I was hit in my car from behind by a truck on 1-76 in Cleveland. I hired Attorney Kenneth Knabe, who was highly recommended by friends who had successfully hired him in the past. He was also recommended by other friends in our community. We met with Ken on several occasions, and he enabled me to achieve a very good result without having to file a lawsuit. My husband and I were very happy with his services, his communication and the results. We would highly recommend him to anyone involved in an accident.

- Rezarta Gusho, April 21, 2017

Being a member of Black Girls Do Bike, I had the opportunity to sit in on a seminar that the organization sponsored; where Ken Knabe was the featured speaker. Being a fellow cyclist, he educated the group on various laws as it pertains to our rights as cyclist sharing the road with motor vehicles. His knowledge and insight made a great impression on me.

Fast forward to July of 2020, I was involved in a hit and run cycling accident. As i was going through this unfortunate incident, Ken's lecture on what to do when in an accident replayed in my mind. Lucky for me, I was able to get the license plate number and I had Ken's phone number on speed dial. Needless to say, it was a no brainer that I would retain him to represent me. His dedication to my case really paid off and I can't express enough how much I appreciate it. The only thing I had to worry about was recovering from my injuries, Mr. Knabe took care of the rest.

If you are ever faced with a situation like mines, I highly recommend his services. He is a true cyclist that knows what fellow cyclist face on these busy streets and because of this, I know he will work for you.

- Pamela E Thomas-Myers, June 9, 2021

Great Law Firm! Professional legal team. Experienced and thorough.

I was in a motor vehicle accident where the other driver was at fault. The team at Knabe Law firm processed the entire claim. While I was recovering from my hospitalization, Knabe spared me the insurance companies' hassle and took over ALL communication with the parties involved. The team worked professionally and effectively coordinated the submission of evidence (police reports, numerous medical records, follow up medical reports, vehicle repair costs, disruption of my family and my life). The claim was settled out-of-court expeditiously and the outcome was beyond my expectations.

I would use this firm again and I would confidently recommend them to friends and family.

- Ray Laubenthal, May 3, 2020

I hired Ken Knabe after getting hit by an RTA bus on my bike. Ken was communicative, knowledgeable and helped me achieve a good settlement. He was fair throughout the process, and I would highly recommend him for anyone in a bike accident.

- Tom Harrison, June 8, 2020

I was riding my bicycle down Detroit Avenue as I commute to and from work on my bike. A car hit me and knocked me off my bike. I fell on the curb and was injured. The driver had no insurance but still blamed me for allegedly "weaving". I wasn't weaving and was on the right side of the road. I hired Attorney Kenneth J. Knabe of Brown and Szaller (now Knabe Law Firm) who made a claim for me under my own uninsured motorist coverage on my car. Mr. Knabe is a cyclist himself and fully understood my plight and could easily grasp the circumstances of my situation. He argued liability based on Cleveland's three foot safe passing distance Ordinance. Mr. Knabe was prompt personable professional and courteous. He kept in communication with me throughout the whole process. I received a very satisfactory settlement; much more than I expected. I would highly recommend him as an Attorney, especially for a bicycle accident.

- Daniel Boden

I was in a hit and run crash on Orange Avenue in Cleveland. I hired Mr. Knabe who did a great job for me. He always communicated with me and guided me through a complicated insurance situation. He fought hard to get me a settlement I was very happy to receive.

I would highly recommend Mr. Knabe.

- Bernard Myers – October 30, 2017

I was lifted by life flight to MetroHealth Burn and Trauma Center with 30% burns, head trauma, and severe wounds from shrapnel, including the loss of my right eye…Months later…we interviewed several of the area’s finest law firms, some of which were very large and nationally known. It was an extremely difficult decision, but for several reasons, mainly honesty, we hired attorney Kenneth J. Knabe of Brown & Szaller Co., L.P.A. (now Knabe Law Firm Co., L.P.A.) to represent us.

In the four years that followed, before the conclusion of litigation, I cannot imagine what we would have done without Ken’s constant advice and personal attention to our needs. From the start, my entire family felt very comfortable with Ken. He is not only a very good attorney, but an honest one. We felt that, at any time of the day or night, if we had any questions or problems, we could call him. He concentrated on getting what we deserved. I remember being very impressed and thinking this guy is not some ambulance chaser trying to make a fast buck off someone’s misery.

I was extremely happy with the confidential settlement Ken was able to obtain for us. In addition, we were not just “let go”, but introduced to a financial group by Ken to set up a structure for our settlement. Ken is an extremely competent and honest attorney. I highly recommend his services to anyone.

- Lee Cortese

I hired Attorney Ken Knabe, who was referred to me by a friend who successfully hired Mr. Knabe for her car crash. Mr. Knabe was prompt, courteous and responsive throughout the entire process. He guided me to a successful resolution. I highly recommend him for his professional services for anyone in a vehicle crash.

- Officer Jeff Jurcak Fairview Park, Ohio Police Department, November 25, 2019

I was riding in an organized ride on a Sunday in June 2019. As I was riding down a bike path, a dog leapt onto me, bit me and dragged me off my bike. I had bite wounds, cuts, and scrapes, with some scarring. I hired bike attorney Ken Knabe at the recommendation of one of the club organizers. He had my wounds and scarring photographed professionally and vigorously presented liability and my damages. I was happy with the settlement and highly recommended Ken who obviously knows what he is doing.

- Daniel Dick, May 1, 2020

Ken is the best. He took care of us during a very difficult time. He handled the insurance companies, medical bills and all the problems that come with an accident. He was always very positive and confident and wouldn’t settle until we were satisfied.

- Wen-Mei Hayes, September 1, 2021

I was in a bicycle accident in 2014 when an older woman turned left and hit me. At the suggestion of many other cyclists, I hired bicycle accident attorney, Kenneth Knabe. Ken is not only an injury attorney, but also an avid cyclist who knows both bicycle and injury law. He followed my progress closely, kept in constant touch, and when I was finished treating, prepared a very comprehensive and complete "Demand Letter" to the woman's insurance company resulting in a favorable settlement without ever even having to go to court. Ken really does take it personal when a member of the bike community is hit by a careless driver. I highly recommend him. Outstanding!

- Tara Kieser, September 6, 2016

I am a local physician and I was in a bike accident. I hired highly recommended fellow cyclist and bike attorney Kenneth Knabe of the Lakewood firm of Brown & Szaller on Madison Avenue. Ken was on top of things from the beginning until the very successful ending. He went above and beyond with great recommendations that helped favorably resolve my case. He even went out in the evening and took photographs that demonstrated there was more than adequate lighting for the at fault driver to see me. He prepared an excellent settlement letter to the insurance company with reports and exhibits in which he detailed and described my damage claims. I highly recommend Ken for his knowledge and expertise in bicycle accidents.

- Dr. Sasha Yurgionas: MD, June 1, 2016

I was struck by a car while training on my bike and Attorney Ken Knabe was highly recommended from other cyclists. Ken came to my home while I was recovering, took my bike for damage assessment and handled all of that for no fee. He settled my bike and accessory damage and quickly settled a return on those damages. This took a lot of stress off me and my family as my wife was pregnant at the time. He then followed my course of treatment and offered sound advice along the way as to how my bills should be handled, documenting my pain and limitations, while also negotiating my bills with my health carrier. He was tough with the insurance agents to get full limits from the driver, and limits on my underinsured policy coverage. He would not settle for anything less than policy limits. We rejected several offers until they both paid the limits. He was firm on this result and was professional throughout this whole ordeal. He made multiple trips to my home to deliver paper work, and the final settlement! In fact, I never had to leave my home. I was very happy with his work, and my settlement. He is also an avid cyclist who could relate and understand my unfortunate situation.

- Luke Chronister, June 18, 2020

I am a medical compliance specialist. I was hit head-on by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel. I hired Attorney Kenneth Knabe. He consistently, aggressively and professionally pursued my case until I was able to achieve a favorable settlement against the insurance company. I highly recommend Ken for anyone involved in a serious car accident.

- Sharon Benyo – January 11, 2018

Thank you again and profoundly Ken, for all of your legal help to me at a time of my greatest need and suffering. Among lawyers, no one exceeds you in competence and also in integrity.

- Marcia Coleman