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In Cycling Rights, Chapter 14: The Rise of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) offers an overview of Automated Driving Systems, and state and national efforts regarding their safety. With many auto manufacturers touting the automation upgrades in their vehicles it was only a matter of time before research results became available. A recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AgeLab found a decrease in driver attention, i.e., “driver disengagement” over time as they became accustomed to their vehicle’s automated and adaptive features:


Many thanks to Publisher Jim O’Bryan of The Lakewood Observer for the recent article featuring my book “Cycling Rights: Bicycles, E-Bikes & Micro-Mobility Devices”! Jim has been involved in the cycling scene since the genesis of Bike Lakewood. Click the link to read all about it:


The Bike Cleveland Virtual Book Launch video for my book “Cycling Rights” is now available on YouTube! Great for all seeking Ohio cycling law and safety knowledge. Many thanks to Jacob VanSickle for co-hosting the October event and for all the work that went into creating this excellent video!



As mentioned in Chapter 5 of my book, Gov. Mike DeWine announced in April 2019 a permanent Distracted Driving Advisory Council to “develop” a longstanding plan to “change the culture” around the issue of distracted driving. Gov. DeWine has since appointed Ohio Department of Public Safety Director Tom Stickrath to create the Ohio Traffic Safety Council, which held its first meeting on November 4, 2020. With thanks to Chuck Smith of Ohio Bicycle Federation (OBF) for attending the meeting and providing the following information.

In addition to discussion of the ongoing centerline rumble strip program, installation of roundabouts, and the OSTATS crash data program, the Council’s Priority Areas will be:

    1. Impaired Drivers
    2. Young Drivers
    3. Distracted Driving

The Ohio Traffic Safety Council will meet four times in 2021: February 10, May 5, August 4, and November 3.


As discussed in chapter five of my book Cycling Rights, distracted driving is getting increased attention by law enforcement. Distracted driving includes any activity potentially distracting a driver from their primary task — DRIVING — and increasing crash risk. It can include looking away from the road (visual), putting hands away from the wheel (manual), or focusing the mind on something other than the task of driving (cognitive).

Recently, the Ohio State Highway Patrol collaborated with highway patrols in five other states in the region! As part of the October 2020 6-State Trooper Project, the OSHP took part in an initiative in which a total of 491 drivers were cited for distracted driving related offenses.

The 6-State Trooper Project includes highway safety, criminal patrol, and intelligence sharing with a goal of coordinated law enforcement and security services. For a breakdown of Ohio citations by county, visit:

10/2/20: National Park Service (NPS) has addressed the growing popularity of electric bikes (e-bikes) and announced final regulations specifying their use, for “transportation and recreation in a manner similar to traditional bicycles”:

UPDATE: Bike Cleveland has since confirmed that in the CVNP, the rules remain the same regardless of the October statement from the NPS, with Class 1 & 2 allowed on the Towpath, and all classes prohibited on the East Rim Trails.