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Attorney Ken Knabe is an avid, experienced cyclist, road safety advocate and a highly qualified injury attorney who wrote the book on bicycle law! He represents fellow cyclists injured by unsafe drivers of motor vehicles – he takes it personally when a fellow rider is injured by an unsafe motorist, since he is subject to the very same dangers! He understands the issues that bicycle accident victims face and ensure that his clients receive the finest legal representation.

You need someone on your side who will be there to assist you, helping you understand the claims process – which for bicycle crashes has some unique aspects. Insurance companies will try to pay you as little as possible. With the help of an experienced bicycle accident attorney, they can negotiate with insurance companies to make sure you receive the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Why choose Greater Cleveland’s Bicycle Accident Attorney Ken Knabe?

We know that you have many choices when it comes to selecting an attorney. Attorney Ken Knabe is a real bike attorney, an actual rider who is familiar with the modern road bike, and its accessories. He also lectures fellow attorneys on bicycle law and is an ardent road safety advocate.  He is a member of Greater Cleveland’s bicycling community not only as a rider, but as a board member and sponsor. Bike accidents are unique, and every client is treated as an individual.  The Knabe Law Firm offers FREE initial consultations that get you the answers you need quickly. We will thoroughly research your case and in the event; it is needed, we will meet with witnesses and use outside experts.

For a free consultation, call now at 1-216-228-7200 or 1-216-272-8595 after hours or fill out our online contact form. Ken will respond promptly. He can arrange evening, weekend and at hospital appointments. You will receive Ken’s personalized attention and the benefit of his 30+ years of legal experience.

What to do After a Crash?

Common Causes and Types of Bicycle Accidents


Distracted driving

Driving under the influence

Inexperienced Driver


Failure to obey traffic signs and lights

Types of bike crashes include:

The Rear Ender: Just how it sounds, a cyclist gets hit by a motor vehicle from behind. 

The Left Turn: A motor vehicle turning left turns directly in front of an oncoming cyclist. 

The Right Hook, Part 1: A motor vehicle passes a cyclist on the left, then turns right directly in front of the cyclist. 

The Right Hook, Part 2: A cyclist on the right is passing a slow-moving motor vehicle, then it turns directly into the cyclist. 

The Intersection: A driver of a motor vehicle goes through a red light or stop sign and hits a cyclist with the right of way. 

The Unsafe Passing: A motorist passes a cyclist and sideswipes the cyclist, violating Ohio’s 3-Feet Safe Passing Law. 

Dooring: When a motorist carelessly opens the door of their parked motor vehicle into a cyclist passing on the left.


Types of Injuries Due to Bicycle Accident


Traumatic brain injuries

Soft-muscle tissue damage

Broken bones

Back injuries

Facial injuries

Joint injuries

Fatality (wrongful death)


Laws Every Cyclist Should Know! 

Knabe Law Firm has a supply of laminated P.H.O.N.E. cards, as small as a driver’s license and as easy to carry in the back pocket of a cycling jersey. Feel free to stop by or call our office for a complementary card. Additionally, the flipside of these cards contains a CYCLING ARSENAL with all current favorable Ohio cycling laws that all cyclists should have at their fingertips, should any issue arise while on the road.


OUR Commitment to the Bicycle Community

Ken supports the bike community through membership in, and corporate sponsorship of Bike Cleveland and as co-author of its BIKES and THE LAW section; is a board member of the Ohio Bicycle Federation (OBF) and the Ohio To Erie Bike Trail (OTET), a GOBA sponsor, and sponsor of several local bike race teams. He is a member of many of the Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio bike clubs and provides free bike law safety talks to clubs upon request. He is a Kilo Level sponsor of Cleveland Velodrome and an Advocate sponsor of the League of American Bicyclists. Finally, he is a subcommittee co-chair with Cleveland's Vision Zero Legislation Task Force with the goal "zero" deaths and serious injuries for all road users and a widespread systems approach. Even one death or injury on the road is too many!

Lon Herman

" A car hit me while I was riding my bicycle in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Mr. Knabe prepared legal action on my behalf, which included his hiring an accident reconstruction expert who prepared a scale diagram of the scene. This refuted the driver’s version of the crash and supported mine. The at-fault driver’s insurance company settled at a mediation meeting with their offer going from zero to multiple six figures! The crash was a difficult experience for me, and Ken’s compassion, dedication, and expertise resulted in the best possible outcome. He is an avid cyclist himself who cares about and knows how to protect cyclists by properly and thoroughly handling a bike injury claim. I very highly recommend him to any cyclist involved in a serious crash caused by an unsafe driver. "