"I was injured when a car hit me while riding my bicycle. Ken Knabe was my lawyer: his advocacy was stellar: as a fellow cyclist, he understood the accident, my injuries and the impact on my life which resulted in a great settlement."
Jackie Palmer

Kenneth J. Knabe is Brown & Szaller’s bicycle injury attorney and a fellow bicyclist.

  • Bicycle crashes are an epidemic!

    With the "green" revolution and the known benefits of cycling, more people are cycling to work or for pleasure. As a result, bicycling in Greater Cleveland is booming and so are serious accidents, with over 50,000 a year reported nationwide. Many of these serious crashes are caused by inattentive, distracted and/or impaired drivers. Countless motorists ignore marked bicycle lanes and Cleveland's "Buffer Law" which provides for three feet of clearance when passing a cyclist.

    Cyclist Attorney Knabe knows the rules of the road and when these rules are broken. He sympathizes with fellow cyclists especially after personally witnessing driver inattention and road rage.

  • Cyclists can choose any number of Attorneys -why Kenneth Knabe?

    Attorney Knabe is a fellow cyclist and prominent member of the cycling community he represents. He cycles with the Spin group, the Lake Erie Wheelers and numerous cycling friends. He is a proud sponsor of cycle road race teams such as Spin, Velo Femme and Case Western Reserve; and Corporate Sponsor of BikeCleveland.org.

    He has over 35 years of trial experience, representing the seriously injured and families of those killed by inattentive, distract or impaired motorist. Mr. Knabe is past president of the Cleveland Academy of Trial Attorneys, a well-known organization of dedicated injury attorneys. He has been recognized as an Ohio Super Lawyer” and given Martindale-Hubbell’s “A” rating as outstanding amount his peers.

  • Why should I move quickly to contact Attorney Knabe after a serious bicycle crash?

    Attorney Knabe will investigate fault. He will advise you before determining whether you should provide a recorded statement because mistakes can and will be made during an interview without adequate preparation and understanding of the legal issues. He will sort through your various complicated liability, Uninsured/Underinsured motorist and health care insurance issues.

    Call Attorney Knabe quickly so he can advocate for you and protect your rights before mistakes are made and your claim is diminished or destroyed simply because you did not know what to do. Never trust the at-fault motorist insurance company to protect your interests because their interests are aligned with their insured: the at-fault motorist!

    Don't let the driver's liability insurance carrier take advantage of you. Protect your rights!

  • What are my property damages from a bicycle accident?

    Attorney Knabe will assist you free of charge in establishing your bicycle property damage once he accepts your serious injury or death claim on a contingent basis.

    Your clothing and bicycle are evidence. You must preserve your ripped bicycle clothes, cracked helmet, damaged frame, fork, saddle, lights, Garmin and/or handlebar tape to be photographed. Your bicycle will need repair or will be a total loss.

    A reputable bicycle shop must assess your bicycle damage to established loss. Even after the property damage is settled, you need to retain the damaged helmet, bicycle parts and clothing as evidence!

  • What are my personal injury or wrongful death damages from a bicycle accident?

    If the driver that hit you is at fault, you can recover for your past and future "specials", i. e. medical bills, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, gas mileage to and from your medical providers; physical pain for each one of your injuries; mental suffering and loss of basic and pleasurable activities.

    Medical treatment should occur soon and stay consistent throughout the process. Attorney Knabe will monitor your physical pain, mental suffering, activity loss, medical expenses and lost wages. He will document and photograph any and all objective signs of physical injury, i.e. bruising, cuts, and scarring.

    Attorney Knabe will ensure you see all the needed specialist. A consult with a plastic surgeon will establish whether your cuts will become a scar - a permanent injury. What is the cost for future plastic surgery?

    Do you have a concussion? A brain injury is serious and needs to be handled with care. Attorney Knabe has handled many concussion syndrome cases which take a significant time to resolve, if ever.

    If death occurs, an Estate must be opened and the Claim pursued for the benefit of the decedents, next of kin who can recover for the decadent's loss of support, loss of services and mental anguish. Wrongful death damages are not capped in Ohio.

  • What are my Attorney fees in a bicycle accident case?

    All fees are contingent and based on the outcome of the personal injury claim - no up front payment of any legal fees or expenses. The initial consultation is complimentary.

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