If the driver that hit me was on a cell phone when the driver hit us, what laws may apply?

Injury from an accident with a texting driver


Depending on the circumstances, an injured person can assert violations of the following Statutes and Ordinances (Cleveland and Lakewood used as examples) when cell phone usage results in distraction and a crash, even if the cell phone use does not violate the State law or a local Ordinance in Cleveland or Lakewood.

Reckless Operation

Ohio Revised Code §4511.20 (A) Operation in Willful or Wanton Disregard of the Safety of Persons

Cleveland Ordinance §433.02 (a) Operation in Willful or Wanton Disregard of Safety

Lakewood Ordinance §333.02 Reckless Operation on Streets, Public or Private Property

Full Time and Attention

Ohio Revised Code §4511.202 (A) Operation Without Being in Full Control of the Vehicle

Cleveland Ordinance §431.34 (c) Full Time and Attention

Lakewood Ordinance §331.34 (c) Full Time and Attention

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