What to do after a Bike Crash caused by an Unsafe Driver?

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  1. Call 911 if injured!
  2. Call the Police!
  3. Absolutely and unequivocally insist that a police report is filled out and filed for the crash. Do not let the at-fault driver or even the police talk you out of it no matter what they say. The only one that benefits from not having a police report is the at-fault party who may later deny everything. If they do, where is your proof without a police report? Amazingly, some police officers discourage reporting or may even try to broker a deal between you and the at-fault party. Don’t buy into anything but a full report on the incident and an appropriate citation to the at-fault driver.
  4. If able, record the driver’s name, address, and insurance information, including the insurance policy number. Record it in your cell phone if you have no other means.
  5. If able, take or have someone take pictures of the crash scene, your damaged bike and the driver’s license plate with your cell phone.
  6. If the driver fails to stop, try to record the license plate number, color and model of the vehicle. Absolutely look for witnesses that saw it happen and get their full name and address so you have independent corroborative evidence of the hit and run. Then, you can collect under your auto policy coverage for being hit by an uninsured motorist. (Make sure you have “U” coverage under your auto policy!)
  7. Record the responding officer’s name, district and the report number.
  8. Obtain the name of all witnesses, their phone numbers, and addresses. Don’t assume they are identified on the police report!
  9. Preserve all evidence. Don’t discard your damaged bike, helmet or torn clothes. In a hit and run, look for paint marks from the car on you bike to help prove a car hit you.
  10. Do not talk to the at-fault insurance company until you consult with a bicycle accident personal injury lawyer. I will help you with the property damage and preserve it as evidence, for no cost, if I am also handling your serious injury claim.